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About Curacao

Curacao is a beautiful island.
Almost always sunny, beautiful white beaches, crystal clear water, fine people, vibrant nightlife, pristine nature and monuments, modern economy and relaxed lifestyle, a perfect temperature in other words, the perfect place to rest your eyes and look forward to.

Curacao is located in the south of the Caribbean Sea and is the largest island of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba and Bonaire between. It is only 50 kilometers away from Venezuela, nine hours flying from Schiphol or two and half hours from Miami, USA.

The area of Curacao is about 444 square kilometers. The length of the island is about 61 km and width is 5 to 14 km.

The landscape on Curacao is fairly flat with some hills here and there. The highest point of the island is Mount Christoffel at an altitude of 372 meters. From this mountain you have a beautiful view over the whole island. The mountain is easily accessible and definitely worth a visit if you're on Curacao. Willemstad is the capital of Curacao.

Curacao has about 144,000 residents between 40 to 50 different nationalities.

Time Difference
Curacao is located in the Atlantic time zone. In winter it is five hours behind the Netherlands and in summer the time difference is six hours.
Although there are taught in Dutch, Papiamento is the native language for most people. The name Papiamento originated from the Portuguese "papear" what "talk" means. Papiamento is a typical blend of Portuguese and Spanish language grammar and many words from English and Dutch.

It is probably in the seventeenth century, to allow communication between slaves and masters and slaves among themselves. It is spoken by all social classes and it has become a part of their identity.

Bon bini Bon bini
Bon dia Good day
Bon tardi Good afternoon
Bon nochi Good night (or good evening)
Kon ta bai? How are you?
Mi ta bon, danki I am fine, thank you
Kon bo yama? Of: Kon ta bo nomber? What's your name?
Mi yama ... or Mi nomber ta ... My name is ...
Mi ta bini di... I come from ...
Danki Thank you
Di nada Your welcome
Te otro biaha Goodbye
Homber Man
Muhe Woman
Muchanan Children
Playa Lagun Curacao
A cluster of fishing boats gives a picturesque bay, this narrow sphere. The water is very calm and shallow near shore, perfect for snorkeling. Children who can barely swim, to a mask to do and see the fish in the shallows. Large shade structures and 'manchineel' trees provide ample shade. A small snack bar is open on weekends.
Discover Diving on Curacao
Located on the beach of Playa Lagun, right in the middle of the most beautiful dive sites of Curacao. Our house reef offers the most impressive coral and fish species from the Caribbean. Naturally we offer the full range of PADI courses from Open Water to Dive Master. Regelmetig We organize dive trips to locations such as Forrest Mushroom and Wattamula, about 15 minutes by boat from our school. We also have our own terrace where you can ganieten a delicious snack or drink.
Jaanchies restaurant
No tour of the island is not complete without a visit to Jaanchie's Restaurant. Located in a breathtaking West Point, undoubtedly the most scenic areas of Curaao has Jaanchie is already the main attraction for more than 60 years. Three generations have operated and hosted This sterling establishment. Jaanchie serves delicious local cuisine and seafood. On Sunday, the tropical atmosphere and live music bring you the finest traditional hospitality Curaao has to offer.
Restaurant Komedor Krioyo curacao
In House Restaurant Komedor Krioyo Dokterstuin serves spicy Creole cuisine in the casual garden. A beautiful location for a variety of receptions and private parties. There is a nice meeting room for business meetings or lunch